February 17, 2016
7:30 pm
Ranga Shankara
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Composers and performers: Parvathy Baul and Ustad Bahauddin Dagar
Duration: 60 mins
Performed in Bengali

“Rudrayogini” is a combination of the sound of the Rudraveena weaving in to the sound of the Abhadooth poetry ‘Charyageethi’.
Rudraveena is an ancient musical instrument created by Lord Shiva. He created this instrument inspired by the grace of Parvathy’s beautiful divine form. This instrument purely invokes the feminine, as she embodies Goddess Parvathy. In earlier times, Rudraveena was known as Parvathy Veena.
Charyageethi is a collection of poetry written by the wandering Yogis of the Buddhist lineage of the 8th century CE. Charyageethi can be translated as ‘Song of the Traveller’. They are the “mother” songs of today’s Baul songs. Charyageethi songs are spoken wisdom, and they express the inner travel of the yogi.