The Empress of Baul Songs: Bengali

Renowned author Lina Chaki writes of her tryst with Nanibala Dasi, empress of Baul songs. A treat for Bengali readers, this manuscript is written in the hand of the author herself.












By: Lina Chaki

Lina Chaki was born in 1954. As a writer she basically wrote essays and articles. Professionally she served as a journalist. For many years she showed great interests to know the stories and work of the women Baul masters and write about them and let the others know about them through her writings and interviews. She has done an intricate research work on the same with the support of cultural ministry of West Bengal. Still she travels to the rural Baul gathering and festivals to be in company of these great souls.  She loves to write about folk arts and artists too. She has written a few books on women Baul and folk traditions of Bengal.  She was awarded ¨Best Feature¨ (2011-2012) by the Ladli Media awards in eastern India for her writing about women.

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Works by Lina Chaki:
Durga, Bangalir Adda, Bauler Charandasi, Rabindranath O Baul